The cookie swap was a terrific success! Ashley, Kit, Jessica and Betsy joined Mandy and I here at the apartment and it was fun! The bad part was that several people didn’t make it (Kelly and Carmen, I’m looking at you)–but they did have good reasons. I wanted to take pictures but the camera batteries were dead! Charging them now, going to take pictures of the wonderful Christmas festiveness that has taken over the apartment!

I decorated more, and still on the cheap. I made like 50 feet of paper chain (tiny little strips 3″ x 1/4″) with “gingerbread” colors–brown, white, green, red, beige. It turned out really cute. I bought $1 wire garland from Dollar Tree and tied two little bows in the corners of where I hung it above the doors. Mandy took a vase she got from IKEA for $1 or so, and filled it with holly berries (free–from the bush around the corner) and a $1 white candle from Dollar Tree, then we tied a green ribbon around it, cute!

What else to say… excited for christmas. I love the christmas spirit, the giving. We bought a lot of toys and clothes to donate this weekend. I think we’ve each spent around $15, and we have 3 outfits, a porcelain tea set, a bath play set, a play food set, two different packs of play-doh, disney princess playing cards, tinkerbell play makeup and walkie-talkies! I’m so glad we decided to do this, and it’s so easy that we can donate in the main office. It makes me feel good that some child will have a better christmas now.

Finals this week! Good luck and happy holidays!