it’s not that i’ve neglected the blog accidentally. I knew i had it, I knew I had to write something soon. I just didn’t know what to write. See, I was in the middle of writing while watching the office last thursday (a good show… well, the part I saw anyways) when a WYFF ad bumper came on. It stated that the state’s largest student lender was going to stop lending.

And that’s when my heart stopped. The only reason I’m able to come to Clemson is that I get student loans. FROM. THAT. LENDER.

So now I’m going insane because the only other alternate lender that the school uses (since BofA and Wachovia no longer lend in SC either) is CITIBANK. Yeah, the one that just got the bailout. That has to go through some sort of restructuring. That is probably STILL going to fail.

I am waiting anxiously, praying I get a job and can afford my last semester of college (I only have ONE left after this year, I decided to graduate early so I can hopefully come up with the dough a little easier).

So that’s why I haven’t written. Sad times. We were doing ok in this recession until now; now, it hits home.