it is downright frosty outside. the mountain areas of our local tv coverage are getting snow. that is still foreign to me that you have two different areas, different CLIMATES, covered by the same “local” channels.

so we are still going heatless. our electric bill was $21 less this month! I know, it seems kind of dumb–it’s $10 a person so why not pay it, right? But last month we left a LOT of lights on all night, or when we left. We’re trying to see if we keep the lights off, unplug the things we’re not using and keep the heat off if we can bring it down to $35 less per month. it helps that we’ll be gone for three or four days. (For comparison purposes: we have a two bedroom, two bath apartment with about 900-1000 square feet of living space. Our normal monthly bill is around $65-$72 dollars. This month’s bill was $50 after last month’s bill being $71.) It really doesn’t feel like a drag to have the heat off until you’re really cold, but mandy and I bundle up. We’ve gotten used to wearing socks around the house, to cuddling up under blankets. Two things make it really warm in our house (without using the oven or dishwasher for extra heat–we do that anyways): one thing is to burn candles! they do put out a lot of heat. Create a nice candle garden on your coffee table and keep your hands and feet toasty–and it doesn’t suck out heat like a standard fireplace. another thing we do is to keep the halogen track lights on for about 2 hours before bed. those things heat up a room like nobody’s business.

So anyways. We’re having a “college family” thanksgiving–all our friends are contributing food and drink and we’re meeting up at Chads/Nathans/Justins to chow down, i do believe. It’s nice to get together with them since I’m missing thanksgiving with my extended family. I mean, I could go down, but there’s really no point in going if i have to leave again on sunday then come back tuesday. LAME. But i’m making green bean casserole and bringing rolls and mandy is making an apple pie… yum! and betsy is bringing brown rice and nathan’s doing the turkey and kel is bringing pecan pie and some sort of pineapple casserole (i hope its the one i was going to make) and kit is making sweet potato souffle and carmen is making stuffing and gravy! I might throw in an extra veggie dish or something because i think we’re going to have a carb heavy meal if i don’t… some corn or baby limas or a squash casserole. haha. i’m excited. thanksgiving is such a relaxed and fun time.

also! I am baking pumpkin cookies this week so that chad and I can take some home to our respective families. I’m excited, I do hope they turn out like Granny Zuercher’s. (It’s a fabulous converted house bakery in Pendleton, SC not far from the square downtown! Stop by after a delicious lunch at Pendleton Cafe if you’re ever around that area!)

finallyyyyy. we put the tree up! again, stupid camera problems, so no pics yet. i didn’t do major ribbons flowing from the top this year, but it looks good anyways–i made a LOT of bows with that little roll of $3 ribbon! I bought two boxes of candy canes from Ingles for $.98 each and with that, the tree is done. My sewn ornaments don’t even have room on it, so instead of making those, I am making rustic stockings for the walls! At least it will make it a little more festive. I also think i’m going to tie ribbons around the mirrors on the walls, red and gold or red and white, and instead of poinsettias for my silver vases–a candy cane display! Not to mention the wreath and the snowflakes for the windows, and of course candles too! It’s going to feel a lot warmer decoration-wise than real-life, hehe.

okay. computer is dying, clock is reminding me i have six hours left, and i am refusing to plug in my charger until i use the computer tomorrow… so i’m out of here! peace!


ps: three things: I really want a good gyro, my computer charger gets so hot i use it to warm up (it’s another trick!) and i am posting the recipe for really really good hot choco right now.

  • 1/3 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup milk choco chips
  • mix above things together in a saucepan on the stove over medium heat until combined. then…
  • 1/2 cup mini marshmallows
  • 1 packet hot cocoa mix
  • stir these things in, let marshmallows melt, and then pour into mugs. Makes two mugs, but you have to top it off with a little cold milk (it cools it down so you can drink it right away, and also means the mix makes two drinks!)

ok, now i’m gone.