This story from CNN highlights the healthiest top ten grocery stores in the US. And it makes me really, really excited, because Food Lion (and my favorite little store that could, Bloom!) made the top ten! The only thing the article doesn’t address is how the brand new Food Lions are just like Blooms minus the cool graphics and handheld scanner thingies. But same diff. [If you don’t know what a Bloom is… think of a cooler, more technologically advanced and more attractive Publix.]

Of course, WF was number one. Haha. I am a little sad that the TJ’s wasn’t higher–I know, limited selection, but the point is to have an affordable WF that’s just as healthy. I wish we had TJ’s here. The closest one is in ATL! (And I need some more cuban flavored black beans.) Also, Publix made the list (after Food Lion/Bloom) and Harris Teeter is 3rd, but we don’t have those in the upstate… just in Charleston… and I don’t grocery shop there often.

Anyways. it is only 55 and it is already 11am! (I don’t know how to change my blog time. I know, I could look it up, but I don’t care, so you’re stuck on Prime Meridian time [GMT 0:00] i think. sorry. ) So cold today. And I think it’s supposed to rain later. It looks like it on the radar. I hope it doesn’t because it’s breezy…all those wet leaves stuck to my car. Gross.

Well, I guess that’s it for today. And I’m excited–greek food tonight hopefully! Yum yum! And a meeting for a new group on campus, i’m a little apprehensive about that.