its funny how different the cultures of myself and my friends are. and by culture, i mean the things we do that express the places we live, the time in which we live and the things that we love… and honestly, i wouldn’t have it any other way.

for example, there are many things about me (of course! I HAVE a personality) but i’ll choose one thing that none of my friends would probably get: I have a large poster from spoleto of chuck close’s fingerprint painting/ink portrait of philip glass. Do you know who Chuck Close is? Do you know who Philip Glass is, or Roy Lichtenstein, or David Hockney? Do you know the symbolism of a polaroid? Those are just part of “my” culture. i listen to some random music and i cook and i love modern art.

I like our cultures. I’ll make a list of what I consider to be mine (things i treasure or things about me). You do the same!

photographs, notecards, cooking, modern art, IKEA goods, getting on the subway/metro, having premium bedding (soft sheets and fluffy pillows and duvet), moscato d’asti, christmas and the spirit of it, giving to others, water goblets and orangina, making good sweet tea, cooking charleston dishes well, open windows and open balcony doors (for that matter, screened porches), swimming, the ocean and the smell of saltwater, being in the boat, kisses, beautiful stamps, polaroids (and any printed photo), the color gray, fresh flowers, green grass, dresses, hat boxes (and other types of decorative boxes, baskets, storage devices), old school gift tags and old fashioned ribbon wrapped packages, weddings, making quiches, singing carrie underwood, soft sweaters….