i’m tired of change. i mean, i like change for the better, but hardly ever does that happen. I’d like stability instead, the feeling of permanence about certain things.

and remarkably, this time I will keep my mouth shut (at the expense of opening it and feeling like a drama queen), i will accept certain decisions. it’s just so hard knowing that in my mind, i know there’s a better decision, but knowing that it’s someone else’s to make. so i’ll accept it and wait until i’m hurt again.

i was very vague with this entry and i know it sounds so high school in a lot of ways, but it’s true. there are the things we wish people would do and the things they end up doing (wrongly) and you think to yourself, if i said something, would it have really made a difference? and usually i say the something needed to be said, but i’m tired of feeling like i’m whining. so i won’t say it. i won’t. i will not.

so good luck to me.