when I first moved in here, I thought that it was really crappy of them to put me in an apartment near the street. i mean, someone has to live there, but why me? guys don’t really care about that kind of crap, so they could have put in some guys.

But after considering it, I think its one of the reasons i really do like living here. The traffic, the sunset, the bus letting people off. Clemson is such a small place (and yes, central is smaller) but it makes it feel so bigger. the rush of traffic and the loud noise and the constant sirens and the sunsets over power lines, the train sounds so clearly echoing across the road.

It’s so funny that this would be what makes it home, but it is. I was never meant for small towns and wide open corn fields, nor was i meant for snug mountain cottages and canning apple jelly. i love and enjoy those things, but it’s the city to which i enjoy going home, the peace that is a part of the roar of traffic and the criss-crossing power lines going down the street, lit from behind by red skies at night.

So i’ll sit here alone and enjoy my orangina (in a REAL glass, with ice) and be reminded that traffic-filled mall-embracing starbucks-drinking trader-joe-shopping overpopulated city life is the only reason I know what orangina is (or have the means by which to obtain–you can only get orangina in population centers), and I’ll love it.