After some consideration about the economic environment versus the rampant consumerism of past years, it’s time to scale back on christmas. I mean, I’ve been crusading for that for a while, but I don’t mean scaling back on the spirit. This year, we’re having a cookie swap as I mentioned before, but I’m really putting thought into my gifts–things I know people use or like, things that would be appreciated. I’m not necessarily spending less, but putting more effort into spending more time and thinking about whether a gift would truly be appreciated. How many times has one gotten a generic gift basket with bath goods and the price sticker carefully peeled off?

This is a little early, but putting more effort into christmas requires more time, too–finding the right gifts, not spending an arm and a leg on them, and going all out on inexpensive decorations, activities and baking. If I’m waiting until the last minute to shop, then I don’t get to do all those things. Warm ciders and watching the glow of the christmas tree and playing christmas music and decorating the balcony and living room… it will be a christmas to remember, and then going home to do the same thing… i’m excited about christmas this year, for the RIGHT reasons.

And with that, I look forward to thanksgiving and the joys of holiday and family then, too. I’m definitely making pumpkin cookies. 🙂