Fall has flourished. Autumn has arrived. Insert another alliteration here. (wait, that was an alliteration. good.)

We carved pumpkins, yay… mine turned out a little lamer than I thought it would though. Oh well. And I never did try the roasted pumpkin seeds… hopefully I will soon.

I have started my christmas shopping for you all, and I hope you all will love it (how would you not? I am definitely finding pretty awesome gifts)… it is REALLY early, I know, but I want to have more time to spend this year on decorating, baking and enjoying the holiday. It kind of gets cut off when you split your time between your two “homes” and your school family and real family.

Record time for having the air off! We’re going three days strong! (And I reheated instead of cooking tonight–so it’s not unbearably hot!) Mostly because I don’t like paying $35.50 a person for electricity, that is such a waste for us. I think we can get it down to $25 a person if we just try a little harder, like using the lights with CFLs instead of the bright oh-so-unappealing track lighting provided in our apartment. And running the oven less. Also, i feel better about the environment. We’ve had our windows open, breathing the fresh mountain air.. I was sitting on the couch this morning just thinking, THIS is fall in the mountains. It’s terribly exciting!

My aunt and her fiancee and his daughter/daughter’s fiancee and her kid i think will be coming for Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for the chance to see my family, but this means I’ll be sleeping on the floor, pretty much–I think I’ll bail early and come back to school a bit early. It’s Clemson/Carolina that weekend anyway, I need to figure out how I’m getting a ticket!

So, yeah, that’s what’s going on in my life. I really should be working on some reading so I can finish up a class before fall break.

Oh, before I go, interesting story here — college athletic programs are suffering just like everyone else in these economic hard times.