So i’m sitting in Martin. Right now. Typing this.

And as I was about to get on this computer, slightly before typing this, I noticed something that really, really bothered me. Someone has drawn on the keyboard.

And yeah, it’s only a simple doodle in pencil, but seriously, who vandalizes a computer? That just seems like a not too smart idea, because no one really sits down at a computer for its looks or charm. I mean, you’re making a “statement” in Martin… I don’t think anyone chooses to hang out in here, so you’re preaching to a crowd of people needing to print notes before class.

Anyways. It’s cold out! Wear your jackets!

EDIT: This piece is interesting today, from the NY Times:

“Simple lives have become simpler. The laborers, most of them illegal immigrants, said they had stopped eating in restaurants, buying new clothes and sending money home to their families. In interviews with more than a dozen laborers in New York City and its suburbs, many said they were thinking about returning to their homelands.”

And the story is here.