what’s going on, office lovers? Trouble ahead for jim and pam?

SOOOO GLAD michael asked Holly out!! He needs to be nice to her though… really nice.

And Jan is a WEIRDO still.

SNL Thursday is GREAT!!!!!!! the Weekend Update–FABULOUS!


Anyways. Been getting better. Cooking more! Trying to eat less–that way i cook less, we spend less on groceries, etc… with just the three of us (Mandy, me and Chad), it’s not too hard to cook a family sized pack of chicken or pork chops and get enough for two days. And boxes of Rice a Roni and Mac and Cheese are good sized for six decent portions, too. I’ve also found that one of those frozen chicken breasts from the 2-3 lb. bag (walmart, food lion/bloom, bi-lo and ingles all have them) will make this while you’re cooking dinner for two nights…

Chicken Salad:

One frozen boneless skinless chicken breast, two eggs, one stalk of celery, mayo, salt, pepper and garlic powder

Boil the chicken for 5 minutes, add eggs and boil for another 15. Rinse both in cold water for 5 minutes, chop up both and dice celery and add it, mix in mayo and seasonings to taste. Refrigerate overnight.

I mean, that probably cost me $3 with bread.


I’m about to make some bread pudding with leftover bread i’ve been freezing to save for such an occasion… I love bread pudding! I’m excited, it’s so custardy and warm. 🙂