I watch a lot of TLC:

Jon & Kate plus Eight: good show, but show more about life–not just mornings, trips, etc. In general they’re pretty normal. Gotta love the kids comparing who’s the most asian.

The Casons: I like that they featured different parts of the story, especially Jessica’s story. I wish they’d talked to her more about her responsibilities–you know she practically raised those kids, too.

What Not To Wear: I love Clinton, but Stacy needs to chill sometimes. She can get pretty nasty in her comments. Still, I watch every day… I just wish they would come give me a $5000 gift card, take me to NYC and tell me where and how to shop.

Trading Spaces: I hate this show. I hate the “dream team” and I hope that this promptly fails and is canceled. No amount of hatred spewed does this justice.

The show with the 17 kids: Uh, what? UBER CHRISTIANS. The kids said their parents give them a choice about how to date, but do they probably? Yeah–WITH THE FEAR OF GOD. Indoctrinating your children = not raising them. I hope that chick to which he’s engaged knows how to cook and clean–that’s probs her future in that family. I’ll serve my husband someday as a faithful wife, but I am NOT like that. The cousin Amy was great–she saw how nonsense it was! Haha.

Abby and Brittney turn 16: What is up with this network? I know these girls are as normal as they can be, but why parade them out there, TLC? I guess to show everyone they’re normal. They went pretty indepth with this one though.

Little People, Big(ger) World: It’s getting a little old now. I liked it before, but they’re trying so hard. As Mandy puts it, they seem to do things for the show, not just have the show follow them around. I hope they’re not intentionally failing for the show.

The World’s Biggest Man: I just felt this was being mean to him, not objective at all. Maybe TLC didn’t make it, but I don’t know, it could have been a lot better. And what’s up with his girlfriend, his family… they all seem so angry or bitter or something. How odd. I feel sorry for this guy. At least he has internet.