i didn’t write about this earlier because i wasn’t sure i wanted to write about it, but here goes: I didn’t register to vote. And because the time on this thing is wrong, i should have registered yesterday, not two days ago (silly wordpress)… saturday was the last day.

the thing is, i meant to, but i didn’t… if i had a candidate that i actually liked, i would have. but seriously, i don’t want to be responsible for putting either of those people in office. obama lacks experience, joe biden lacks eloquence, john mccain lacks a clear vision and a plan and sarah palin lacks common sense and intelligence in the realm of politics in general. there are so many people who deserve to be on the ticket far more than these four:

1. bill richardson
2. rudy giuliani (provided he ran a better campaign of course)
3. mitt romney
4. hillary clinton (yeah, didn’t like saying that)
5. john kerry
6. the hat hanging on my closet door
7. ron paul

the thing is, i don’t particularly like any of the above people’s platforms, but they were effective leaders with strategies (aside from the hat, which in general would have just done a better job). and i chose from both parties because it is ridiculous to make this into party politics. the simple facts are that no one in this election is qualified, much like the carter election in the 70s. good job in the primaries, america.

so i abstain from registering and voting not as a matter of principle, but as a matter of fact–the fact that none of these people will do a bang-up, better than bush job. so prove me wrong, candidates, please, because i need the economy to bounce back so i can get a job after i leave school.

now back to normal blogging.