Fall is definitely here. It’s been a little warm this weekend, but cool at night. We’ve had the air off lately. And, of course, the leaves are changing! (It’s exciting, my favorite part of fall!) I wanted to go back to the blue ridge parkway and hike this weekend, but the gas shortage means we’ll have to wait a little longer. People in the rest of the country, be thankful you don’t have to deal with this mess! Waiting for gas to come to the gas station is torturous.

Anyways, I’m looking for a job and so is Mandy, now. I think the chances of her finding one are greater than the chances of me finding one, because daycares are a little more recession-proof than banks or other businesses. I guess we’ll see, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

I baked challah last night and braided it and all, but I think I used the wrong kind of yeast (rapid rise) because it was too chewy, not very egg-bread-like at all. It made me a little sad, but it was good, just too dense and not challah-like. It was good with a bit of butter when it was fresh out the oven though! I’m supposed to be studying AAH right now, and I’ll get to it, but I’m really not motivated. This class is so much more history and not so much art.

Anyways, I also washed my sheets today and would you believe it, the Ingles brand laundry detergent smells sooo good! Makes me want to stay in bed all the time, except, um, I have SO much to do!

Things I’m working on this week: perfecting pumpkin cheesecake and making pumpkin bread, baking some pumpkin muffins, doing the rest of my laundry and coming up with a closet storage system that works, and finding a job! Stay tuned, world!

PS – Pumpkin Festival in Pumpkintown (SC) this weekend, and so is Fall for Greenville! Hoping to go to both, can’t wait! Maybe I’ll see you there 🙂