Ugh. I really think we’re going to bounce back though. I’m going to spend money this weekend, I’m going to keep going through life like nothing’s changed. because guess what? Nothing has.

as I was thinking about what kind of jobs I could get with my degree for an assignment for business writing, i stumbled upon the washington post’s job listings. and you know what? it made me excited. for a week i’ve been looking for ANY job that i would qualify for in Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston, Raleigh and Greenville to come up empty handed. The joy of finding many, many jobs I could do–and even like!–felt so great. So, I’m going to start thinking about heading to DC after graduation. I mean, I’d prefer atlanta, because its closer to charleston (home), but it’s kind of funny that DC would be the place I’d consider. I mean, I lived there in the womb for 7 months. haha. I don’t think that counts though…

Anyways. I do like the idea of living there (and being able to do something with my degree) but the cost of living… not so great. I guess living in expensive charleston has its upside–it surprises me that places like g-ville and even the outskirts of atlanta and charlotte are SO cheap!

Time for bed. More on this in future posts, I’m certain.