(another post tonight. i got off the phone)

the market i am talking about is of course the JOB market. Trying to find a job is very difficult right now! I’ve been trying since I got here–two months. I mean, I’m being oddly specific about the jobs that I am applying/looking for, and I’m in a rural area, but still!

Anyways. Other things on the agenda:
1. ΔΔΗ, i haven’t spent a lot of time hanging out with those people lately. not since the awkward dinner. then again, i’m not in clemson this weekend either. I guess that would change things.
2. i think if we painted the wall opposite the couch in the living room a bold color, like burgundy or brown or something, we could get away with not putting anything on it for a while.
3. britney spears’ new single is terrible. i mean, it’s good that she’s back out there, but a song called womanizer is not a great first release. try again darling.
4. i am trying to learn how to make great petit fours. if you’ve got any suggestions, leave them in the comments section please!
5. i love reading other people’s blogs because it makes me feel like i know them better. which, i guess in small part, i do!

lists are one of my favorite things.